Treasure Hunt in the Mansion

Families getting ready for the treasure hunt.

This past Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate the holiday, we at the mansion decided to host an event today (Saturday), a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt. Anyone who walked into the mansion and checked in received a list of questions that sent them on a journey throughout the mansion. This was the first time the mansion has ever hosted this type of an event. Notably, an amazing amount of people came out for the event. We expected a few dozen people, but we were blown away by the large amount (around 85 people) that ended up arriving.


Looking at possible clues!

Everyone was genuinely excited for the treasure hunt, especially the kids. Many of the younger kids jumped up and down as they waited for the event to start. Once allowed to roam around the mansion for clues and answers for the question sheet, the kids rushed through all three floors of the mansion. They ran around hoping to find all the hidden clovers, looking for different relics scattered around the mansion, and trying to count all the flowers on the rugs. The kids were determined, especially since prizes were awarded to those who finished the sheets. I remember watching one group of kids deciding to split into groups, each group tackling a different floor.

People trying to count all the flowers.

As for the adults, they took their leisure (the ones that could and weren’t having to keep up with any kids) and splendidly enjoyed walking throughout the mansion. For many of the adults, this was the first time they had been to the mansion. I overheard and was told by a few that they enjoyed just being able to freely roam around, looking at each room with keen eyes and no need to rush. Overall, the adults thought the treasure hunt was a fascinating idea since it allowed the kids to learn about the mansion in a fun and less restrictive manner. It worked since I overheard many of the kids telling each other or parents how cool the mansion is or how much fun they had! Some adults that had been to the mansion before liked the idea of having to figure out which artifacts and rooms the questions were hinting at since it put their memory to the test. Many ended up learning more about the mansion in the process.

Picking out their earned prizes.

All and all, the mansion’s first “treasure hunt” event went exceedingly well.  We received a lot of compliments and positive feedback. Many families wish to see us do this again, and no worries, we plan to. Avid people even gave some welcome suggestions as to how to make such an event even better. We thank everyone who decided to stop by and spend their afternoon at the mansion. We also thank the volunteers that helped with event by answering people’s questions and helping out with guiding people.

Miguel Valencia