Candle Making at the Mansion

This past Wednesday, the Mansion once again hosted a first-time event. We had Brittany Whitenack from Antique Candle Works teach a class on how to make candles. Now, the great thing about this class was that it taught people how to make candles from the comfort of their own home. It was simple and fun.

Brittany (left) helping the ladies.


The group of ladies we had for the class were very excited to make their own candles. Each person was allowed to choose three scents that they would then make. Brittany had a great mix of scents to choose from including: Cashmere, Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Back Roads, and others. Back Roads and Cashmere were two favorites amongst the soon-to-be candle makers.

The ladies mixing the fragrance scent with the wax. 

Everyone had the opportunity to pour the wax, mix the fragrance scent in, and choose two tea cups for two of their candles. Then, everyone learned how to place a candle wick. While the wax cooled, the guests were given a brief tour of the mansion. After the wax cooled, everyone got their scents and carefully poured them into their jar and two tea cups.

Brittany giving some further instructions.

All the candles ended up turning out amazing. They all looked great, and all the ladies were so happy to have made their own candles. Each of them were careful throughout the whole process, asking questions when needing help, and it all paid off. Everyone wrapped up their newly made candles to take home.

Brittany showing how to place the candle wick.

After the event, I had the opportunity to speak with Brittany about Antique Candle Works and how it all started. At first, making candles was only a hobby for Brittany. It was something for her to do while she was in between jobs. One day, she said, “hey, I think I can make candles” and then she started her business. For learning how to make candles, Brittany was self taught with some help from Google. In January of 2014, Brittany started Antique Candle Works as her business. She does wholesale across the US and sells online.

The finished product.

Teaching a class was something that Brittany had thought about before. However, it was something that never happened. She saw it as something that could be fun and a good learning experience. It was just something that she hadn’t went forward with before. Then, our very own Jessica Rosier got in contact with Brittany. After some talking, Brittany found herself teaching a class for making candles at the Barker Mansion. Brittany was very ecstatic and impressed with all the ladies that showed up. She saw them as a very lively group. Brittany really enjoyed being able to do the class. She had a lot fun with it all. Before she left, she expressed interest in possibly having another class. If that were to happen, we at the Barker Mansion would love to have her back.

If you’d like to learn more about Antique Candle Works, check out their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Antique Candle Works Website

Antique Candle Works Facebook

Antique Candle Works Instagram

Jessica and Brittany.

Miguel Valencia


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