Christmas at the Barker Mansion

15253481_641036996068357_5709921093500943458_nChristmas is finally upon us! It truly is the most magical time of year here at the Barker Mansion. Glorious Christmas trees decorated with intricate ornaments and lights radiate cheer all through the mansion. No matter the harsh winter weather outside, the Barker Mansion will make you awe in bewilderment inside.

We have had the honor of hosting a number of Region organizations to come in and decorate the mansion, so while you are exploring, make sure to read a little bit about their organization and the theme they decorated the room to.

One great thing about Christmas at the mansion, is the opportunity to finally empty out some of our closets that have been storing Christmas decorations all year. Whenever I give a tour, I almost always get asked, “What’s in the closet?”. I usually jokingly answer (but semi-serious) that whenever you see a closet in the mansion, there is a 99 percent chance there are Christmas decorations in it. Well, this time of year, you are finally able to see for yourself what is in the closet.   

Besides all the illustrious decorations, one of my favorite things about Christmas time at the mansion are all of our incredible ensemble performances. This is the time for Michigan City locals, or Region natives, to showcase their talents and spread Christmas cheer through their beautiful flute, trumpet, vocal, or piano performances! These ensembles are sure to warm your heart and make sure you leave with a smile.  

This time of year is also especially fun for the Heritage Interpreters because we have the opportunity to work with so many of our wonderful volunteers! This is one of my personal favorite things about Christmas at the mansion. During our Christmas season, we have the pleasure of meeting so many volunteers from all walks of life. Hearing the volunteer’s connections to the mansion always make me smile and feel proud to work at such an incredible home. In true Barker fashion, the Barker Mansion volunteers and their philanthropy are the backbone of this incredible monument. For anyone interested in volunteering at the mansion, we are always accepting volunteers and would love for you to come and be a part of our special family! So on behalf of myself and the rest of the Barker Mansion staff, we sincerely thank all of the volunteers for making this Christmas season a splendid and magical time for everyone here at the mansion.

Make sure to stop by if you have not already, and also follow us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you at the mansion!
This is Heritage Interpreter Austin Pittman wishing you all a very merry and happy holidays, and a most splendid New Year!

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